Hacking Redefined: Mastering AI and Blockchain Security
Hacking Redefined: Mastering AI and Blockchain Security

By Tamaghna Basu

Overview and Description

This 2-day workshop combines advanced AI cybersecurity techniques with blockchain and Web3 security practices. Participants will explore AI's role in offensive security and delve into securing smart contracts and blockchain technologies. The training includes hands-on exercises, case studies, and insights into emerging threats and defense mechanisms.

Training Outline

    Day 1: AI in Cybersecurity

    • Introduction to AI and ML in Cybersecurity
    • Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contracts
    • Offensive Strategies Using AI
    • Common Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts
    • Hands-on AI Hacking Scenarios
    • Hands-on Smart Contract Auditing

    Day 2: Blockchain & Web3 Security

    • AI in Pentesting and Red Team Operations
    • Secure Coding Practices in Solidity
    • Hands-on AI Hacking Scenarios
    • Hands-on Smart Contract Auditing
    • AI Ethics and Legal Considerations
    • Career Pathways in Blockchain Security

    Target Audience

    • Cybersecurity professionals
    • AI and ML enthusiasts
    • Blockchain and Web3 developers
    • IT professionals interested in security
    • Anyone keen on advanced cybersecurity techniques

    Key Takeaways

    • In-depth understanding of AI applications in cybersecurity
    • Skills in identifying and mitigating blockchain vulnerabilities
    • Best practices in AI-driven offensive security
    • Secure coding techniques for blockchain development
    • Insights into the future trends of cybersecurity

    Audience Skill Level

    Intermediate to Advanced; a basic understanding of AI, ML, and blockchain technology is beneficial.

    Student Requirements

    • Basic knowledge of programming and cybersecurity concepts
    • Familiarity with AI/ML and blockchain technologies

    What Students Should Bring

    • A laptop with internet access
    • Relevant software and tools installed (details to be provided before the workshop)

    What Students Will Be Provided With

    • Comprehensive training materials
    • Access to hands-on lab exercises
    • Certificate of completion

    Trainer Introduction

    Tamaghna Basu, CEO of DeTaSECURE, brings almost two decades of experience in cybersecurity, AI/ML, Web3 Security, OSINT, and cyber warfare. A renowned international speaker, mentor, and advisor, Basu holds certifications like OSCP, GCIH, RHCE, CEH, and ECSA, showcasing his expertise across various domains of cybersecurity. He is a frequent speaker and trainer at various conferences including Blackhat, NULLCON, SHELLCON, C0C0N, OWASP, ETHRiyadh, etc. He is an online influencer with 30k+ followers and won 20+ innovation awards globally from Polygon, Govt. Of India, Solana, NPCI, ETHIndia, BBVA, DCB Bank and many more.


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